Fly on the Road: Field Notes from India

By September 20, 2016On the Road, Photography

This summer has taken us all across the globe—most recently to Goa, India, where we traveled on behalf of the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation to interview Dr. Vikram Patel, a recipient of the Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health.

Patel is the founder of Sangath, an NGO that trains local people and community health workers to deliver mental healthcare in underserved rural areas. When we spoke with Patel at his office in Goa, he shared an example of his community-based work: empowering local women called “sakhis,” which means friends in Hindi, to help other local women with postpartum depression and related issues. In places like Goa, where there may not be enough formally trained medical professionals to administer mental health services, these sakhis provide invaluable care.

We’re so grateful to Dr. Patel, his colleagues, and the sakhis for their achievements and for sharing their story with us. As we work on the video, here’s a sneak peak of some photos we took on the road.