Making Big-City Connections

By November 21, 2013Fly News


For Dr. Joel Dudley, researcher in the field biomedical informatics and another one of Mount Sinai’s chief innovators, the big picture tells all. As a scientist, Dr. Dudley harnesses huge amounts of information in order to understand what takes place at the microscopic level. “Everything is connected. Until we understand that system and how everything is connected in that system, we won’t have the ability … to understand where we can intervene in that system.”

As part of the feature video for SinaInnovations 2013, which took place this week, Fly on the Wall Productions filmed Dr. Dudley on the George Washington Bridge, one of the primary connectors between New York and New Jersey. In fact, the George Washington Bridge happens to be the world’s busiest motor bridge according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, carrying about 102 million vehicles per year. The sheer volume of traffic occurring within this connector alone shows how important the little connections are to the larger story.

“Innovation happens when we understand how the entire system is connected,” says Dr. Dudley. “I love having my horizons expanded. I love when my world is turned upside down and I realize that I was only focused on a very small part of it. There is actually a much bigger picture behind everything.”