‘For the Sake of the Children’ Awarded NEA Grant

By May 16, 2014Documentary

Screen shot 2014-05-16 at 3.01.29 PMThe National Endowment for the Arts recently granted the Poston Community Alliance a grant of $20,000 to expand the documentary For the Sake of the Children, a film produced by Fly on the Wall Productions, to an hour-long feature. The Poston Community Alliance looks forward to screening the complete film at film festivals and on public television.

We are grateful to the NEA for supporting the Poston Community Alliance and looking forward to broadening our coverage of this significant moment in American history. Our experience filming thus far has informed us that there are many more descendants of the internment who have stories to share. We look forward to delving more deeply into the memories, psychology and emotional connections of the children and grandchildren of the internment.

Pacific Citizen has the inside scoop on the work we’re doing to share more stories of Japanese interment during WWII. To read the story in this week’s issue, click on the links below for a PDF version.

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