The Art of Brush Painting

By May 13, 2015Fly News

Brush painting collage

Once again, Fly on the Wall has the privilege of capturing the beauty of Chinese culture at China Institute, New York City’s premiere institute for learning and connecting with everything China. Here’s a peek at what we’re filming for a new video for China Institute’s annual gala.

Pictured above is a student from one of China Institute’s brush painting classes, creating her art in careful brushstrokes in the traditional Chinese form. Our videographer Sean shot this painting session using our Letus Helix rig, allowing him to capture the painter and her work from a number of angles. Brush painting will be featured in the final video as a key element of China Institute’s dedication to Chinese arts and culture, which is a pillar of its mission.

We look forward to sharing the complete video after the gala in a few short weeks!