By June 15, 2015Video


On Thursday, May 29, China Institute held yet another spectacular gala event supporting its commitment to education, business, arts and culture programs strengthening the U.S.-China relationship. For the second year in a row, Fly on the Wall had the privilege of producing a set of videos for the occasion. This time, however, China Institute threw in a twist—a brand-new space in Chinatown.

As always, our videographers captured the incredible artists, educators, young associates, business professionals, docents and students who spend time engrossed in bolstering knowledge of everything China within the walls of China Institute and beyond. But this time, we had the opportunity to go above and beyond—and deep underground—as we journeyed into the next generation of China Institute.

For almost 90 years, the mission of China Institute has been to promote friendship and understanding between the U.S. and China. The theme of our video, opening doors, reflected that. Whether it was the door to cultural exchange, the door to corporate opportunities or the door to navigating the Chinese characters—our video, graphics and interviews opened it and explored it in depth, with rich visuals and authentic speakers.

As part of filming the video, we had the opportunity to open the door to the next generation of China Institute: its new building in busy, colorful downtown Manhattan. Until now, China Institute has called Manhattan’s Upper East Side its home. The new space promises to expand and enrich everything China Institute stands for. It was an incredibly exciting experience to supplement our regular coverage of China Institute with an in-depth tour of the building-to-be.

To get a peak into the new space, watch the video! This year’s video will walk you through the power of an organization with unparalleled history and impact in New York City, brimming with new opportunities just waiting to be opened and unpacked by all of its visitors. The visuals of construction in progress add unique elements of excitement and innovation to a story about such an important establishment.
From all of us at Fly on the Wall, congratulations to China Institute on this momentous step forward! We look forward to wonderful things to come.