VIDEO: Friedman Brain Institute

By May 14, 2015Video


Mount Sinai’s Friedman Brain Institute (FBI) is an interdisciplinary clinical and research hub for studying and treating brain and spinal cord disorders. Yesterday, FBI held its 2015 Neuroscience Retreat at the New York Academy of Medicine in Manhattan. Fly on the Wall produced a new video for the occasion, showcasing the game-changing work being done by scientists to advance our knowledge about the brain.

Using graphics and actual imaging from the labs of top FBI neuroscientists across the Mount Sinai Health System, we developed the principal narrative of the video: seeking the answers to big questions. The video opens with the voices of our main characters posing open questions, ranging from simple to complex. Over the course of six minutes, viewers can watch the scientists in action, getting a sense of the personalities behind today’s most cutting-edge advancements in neuroscience.

Thank you to the entire team at the Friedman Brain Institute for an excellent round of filming and for exposing us to the fascinating world of the brain. It was a truly unique opportunity to learn about science’s next frontier!