We’re seeking a Writer / Producer at Fly on the Wall Productions.

Do you have a producer’s mindset with a filmmaker’s heart? Are you an artistic soul with a client service mentality? Are you a creative genius who is disciplined and focused?

If the answers to these questions are yes, read on…

We are Fly on the Wall Productions—a full service, award-winning film production company looking to hire a certain “special someone.”

We’re an agency that has grown and prospered in the last 20 years producing results-driven films for the leading not-for-profits, hospitals, higher educational institutions, and a few Fortune 500 companies to boot.

You are someone who has a minimum of 12 years plus experience in video production. Ideally, you have either worked in or have had exposure to the following “spaces”: not-for-profit, healthcare, and/or higher ed.

You have extensive managerial and hands-on experience in producing short-form branded videos—ideally in the areas of development and recruitment.

We are looking for our “special someone” to oversee the production arm of FOTW. You will be expected to work with our clients from project conception through execution of video which entails overseeing all areas of the production cycle from pre through deliverable and managing a staff that fluctuates between 2-4 producers at any given time.

You will be selected based on the following criteria:

Communications: A solid understanding of marketing and communications.

Storytelling: Understanding how to structure a story in a way that engages, informs, and delivers a message.

Scripting: You must clearly demonstrate a fluid and varied writing ability to script a variety of video styles. Go to www.flywall.com to get a sense of the spectrum (all candidates who end up in the final round of consideration will be given a set of raw interviews to craft into a script as a trial.)

Creative Concept: You are a strategic thinker who can demonstrate a proven track record of developing creative approaches that have solved real problems with proven results.

Interviewing Skills: You must be a phenomenal interviewer. You know how to coax a sound bite out of a rock. You are comfortable interviewing everyone from a CEO to a victim of sexual violence. More importantly, you are able to marry the interview to the client’s communications objectives. (If you have to ask what this means, please don’t apply.)

Client Interfacing: You are a solid communicator, hand-holder, advice-giver, listener, and counselor. More importantly, you understand the principal of “the client is always right.”

Project Management: A demonstrated proficiency of managing all aspects of the production cycle.

Staff Management: Current/past positions will reflect an ability to manage a minimum staff of two.

Fluidity: Simply put, you can turn on a dime. Your background is such that you can handle any topic and tell a story from industrial engineering to schizophrenia, from socialites to the homeless, and from Japanese-American internment to the Jews of Morocco.

Temperament: You will be working in an environment that is very lean and mean. This means, no divas please. We are looking for someone who brings passion with talent. Who respects systems and deadlines but doesn’t feel bound to these constrictions.


If you have ticked off all the boxes, we’d like to hear from you.

A strong cover letter will get you considered. No cover letter, won’t.

Please include in your letter: references (at least three) and links to some recent videos that illustrate for us why you are that “special someone.”


Apply Now to Superfly@flywall.com with the Subject Line: Writer / Producer Position